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FLOWER POWER II Women's All Over Print Tee


A simple and practical way to add lots of colour to your outfit during warm weather in particular but not just!  We think one of these may just become your favourite article of clothing this season and for a few more seasons to come even!

Tee shirt with an all over sublimation print. Both sides are fully printed.  We print, cut then sew so there are no white marks common to other all over print tees. Vibrant colours and high resolution print. Made from polyester imitation cotton and feels like cotton. Comfortable even in hot weather.

N.B. Because of the way our product images were generated and because of the way the actual tee shirts are printed and sewn (the sleeves are printed and cut separately from the torso parts and then all the pieces are sewn together), there will be a difference between the image you see here and what's on the actual t-shirt you get.  However, what's on the actual t-shirt is close to what you see here and so we think you won't be disappointed!  This method is preferable to the sew and then print method commonly used for all over print tee shirts because it doesn't leave white marks anywhere on the tee shirt.