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Bønes and Balløøns

Unisex Hand Made Riveted Leather Sandals


  • Fully hand-made sandals
  • Black 2-2.5mm thick calf leather upper
  • Black and red 13mm thick high-quality leather sole
  • Engraving on bottom of soles
  • Colorful print on both insoles
  • Rivets in silver-toned metal in upper and around soles
  • Heavy duty silver-toned 12mm thick metal rings
  • Upper straps have a pig leather lining for added comfort
  • Each pair of sandals comes in a (wearable) bag as can be seen in the photos
  • Free shipping anywhere in the world
  • Expect some minor imperfections due to sandals being hand-made (this is part of the charm of the sandals)