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Bønes and Balløøns

THE CATS' ROCKETS' GUARD Unisex All Over Print Espadrilles


Our Espadrilles are printed on Canvas fabrics.  This gives great print definition and colours, and is also very hard wearing. The soles are made from woven Jute, a tough plant fibre that feels great to step on and is a classic material for Espadrille soles, of course.  As they are, printed with our vibrant and super-colourful collages, with the lining fabric matching the design, these are certain to be a favourite of yours in the warmer seasons and to get you plenty of compliments besides!

In addition, our Espadrilles are individually and hand-made in London, England.  Because of this by-hand and one-by-one production in London you aren't likely to see anyone else with a pair, they are of high quality and they aren't cheap to make.  Therefore and unfortunately, they are also not cheap to buy (but keep in mind shipping charges are included).  If they are out of your price range, please be advised we do have occasional sales however and so you could wait for one of those or get our 15% off discount for new mailing list sign-ups...  Just sign up for our mailing list by entering your email address.  Keep an eye out for our occasional emails and we will keep you posted!