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Sizing, Returns, Refunds, Privacy


First and foremost, at the end of the day, we want you to get a product you are happy with.  You can see some details in the Returns and Refunds section about that.  However and specifically to that end, sizing is crucial.  It is particularly so because you are not trying on the item you want to buy.

Because of that, we have prepared exact sizing information and we have included this information in the photo gallery of every product we sell.  If you read over this information, follow all instructions exactly, and check your measurements carefully, you should get the correctly sized item.

Beyond that for shoes, in most cases, our SHOE SIZING 100% GUARANTEE applies (all you need is an insole from a shoe that fits you).  It is a more reliable way to find the right size shoe you need.  Have a look via the link!

In any case, here are a few crucial tips:

1. If you're measuring your feet to find the right size shoe, stand per the instructions exactly!

2. Keep in mind the tee shirts and tank tops do not shrink in the wash due to the materials they are made of

Returns and Refunds:

Overall, we believe in our products and we believe they are worth the prices we charge.  If we were the customers instead of the label owners, we would surely be happy with pretty much every item we sell!  We believe that things will go well during the purchasing process and that you can get a product you can be very happy with.   That is why we do what we do.

We have given the design of our store a lot of thought and we built it so that things will go smoothly and that you will get an item that is what you thought you would get and that it will fit you properly.  Ultimately and again, we want you to be happy with the item or items you purchased.

However, we are aware that it is possible that things may go wrong (although we hope and try that they don't) and for that reason, we have the following returns and refunds policy.  We wrote it with the hope it is fair to both the customer and but also to us.


Seeing as all items in our store are print / produce on demand, and seeing as we do not keep stock of our products, it is more of a problem for us to exchange a product if you get the product you ordered but it doesn't fit or it is not what you thought you would get based on the product images and product description we provide.  We do produce an item always per the customer's specifications and for him or her specifically (this is what "print / produce on demand" actually means).  Because of this and because of the large number of products we offer, we don't usually have a way to sell products somebody returns and so we don't offer returns unless we made a mistake (more about that below) or you used our shoe sizing system that's 100% guaranteed - more about that HERE.

Consequently, and to avoid such situations - where you get an item that is not what you expected and / or it is not the right size, we offer information for each product including detailed images, verbal descriptions and exact measurements so you can check ahead of time if the product is really what you want and if it will fit.  

For shoes especially, please be sure to follow the measurement instructions exactly as they are written no matter which method you use to choose the right size shoe.  Again, sizing information and information about how to measure your feet is always provided in each shoe's image gallery as one of the images, and, we have our 100% guaranteed method (more about that HERE).

Beyond that, if you are not sure about something, you can always write to us and we will do our best to help you out.

Outside of that, however, we do offer replacements and refunds per the following policy:

1. If you ordered a product in one size and got another: you can get a free replacement but you will have to provide a photo of the item showing you got the wrong size.  You get to keep the wrong sized item. 

2. If an item breaks or falls apart within one month of you receiving it, you have used it in a reasonable manner and it is the case that the workmanship was bad, you can get a free replacement.  If it is has been more than one month, it cannot be replaced.

3. If the item is only slightly damaged beyond reasonable wear and tear, within one month of receiving it, you can get some compensation (which by the way goes beyond any sale discount) and you get to keep the item.  Here we are flexible and we will handle this on a case by case basis.  We will work with you, the customer and our supplier for the particular item to reach some agreement that will be fair.


If you sign up for our mailing list or provide any and all details on our site, we guarantee we won't pass them on to anyone else and that only in the case of problems with a purchase, your needing information about your purchase, your asking for information via our "Write to Us!" form or in the case you signed up for our mailing list will we email you.