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Bønes and Balløøns

Unisex Hand Made Riveted Leather Sandals With Espadrille Soles


  • Black 2-2.5mm thick calf leather upper
  • Black 4mm thick calf leather sock liner
  • Custom made espadrille soles with embellishments made from hemp ropes
  • Red 4mm thick sole leather layer on bottom of espadrille soles to make the soles last longer
  • Rivets are the toughest rust-proof rivets in silver-toned metal
  • Heavy duty silver-toned alloy rings


Because the sandals are produced in a very limited edition, we are producing according to current demand and that will take about one month. Each pair of sandals comes in a (wearable) bag as can be seen in the photos.  The sandals are a little heavy but after having worn them for a few days we saw the weight was definitely not an issue and they are very very comfortable.